Saada Style
The Company follows the line created by Kerensa de Mars, one of the greatest masters under this Arab dance style, a purer tribal, which adapts the roots that stem from Caroleena Nericcio (Director of the first tribal group in the US "Fat Chance Belly Dance"), but with a stronger and more dynamic (typical of Flamenco) and potent touch, without losing the elegance, control, magnetism and sensuality of a group dance.
The company covers several genres in the Arab Tribal Dance, from the purest Gypsy to a tribal with a bond of styles in ethnic shows, ritual and mystical dances. In its personalized mixes/fusions, two styles stand out. The first one being very spiritual, hypnotic, and ethnical: RITUAL TRIBAL  The second being of a Gypsy character, of great stage force: ZINGARO TRIBAL In both styles, the looks, wardrobe and makeup are carefully selected and chosen, adapting it to the dance style:
His extensive training and experience has allowed them to create their Tribal style himself 'Saada' characterized by novel movements and forms of dance groups and improvisation, highlighting the complicity of her dancers.
The third, characterized by the use of weapons: IMUHAGH DANCE